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For the 3rd Successive Year
Asia Insurance Co. Stands at the 1st Place among Iranian Insurers

Asia Insurance Co. (AIC) stands at the 1st place among Iranian insurance market in the 19th year of such rankings, Industrial Management Institute (IMI) declared. This place was achieved in 2014 for the first time and was repeated in 2015 & 2016.
The total insurance and investment income in the national market is considered in this ranking, declared IMI. Iranian 100 top companies ranking (IMI-100) is designed to motivate competition among economic organizations, to clarify the business sphere and companies’ rank in national economy and their impact on it.
Asia Insurance Co. (AIC) as the largest Iranian private insurer enjoys more than 100 branches and 3000 agencies all over the country. 

Asia Insurance Co. Continues Its Success Trend

“The main strategy of Asia Insurance Co.(AIC) is to continue its success trend in 1396(2017-18)”, said Dr. Kardgar, AIC vice-president of the board and managing director, in new year meeting with personnel.
“We hope Asia Insurance Co.(AIC)reaches its highest place in national insurance market in this year”, added Dr. Kardgar. “AIC has been successful in achieving an impressive growth of portfolio in a sound combination, increasing technical reserves, increasing the total proportion of reserves and sales, daily payment of claims, increasing bank reserves, etc”, said Dr. Kardgar.
“AIC is in a satisfying situations in terms of technical, financial and personnel realms”, he added, referring to AIC’s first place in the insurance sector for 2nd successive years. This growth trend is due to taking advantage of opportunities and resolving problems.

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